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The Palaeontographical Society has been publishing monographs on the fossil faunas and floras of the British Isles since 1848. These now run to over 600 issues (single monographs or parts thereof) written by more than 100 authors. Each part describes and illustrates the fossil species of a major taxonomic group that are found in a particular time interval and/or region. A catalogue of the contents of the annual volumes from 1848 to 1980, giving full citation details and dates of publications can be downloaded from here (PDF 4.3Mb)


Monographs - Type

Monographs are available for purchase in three editions:

  1. Original print. Some individual Monographs or parts of Monographs are available as separate Numbers each in its own cover. Some Annual Volumes are still available complete, either bound in boards (not issued in this form since 1966, Volume 120) or unbound (1957, Volume 111 to current Volume).
  2. Reprinted edition. Some out-of-print Monographs are available in reprinted form.
  3. Micro-edition. Many Monographs are available as microfiche from Microform Academic Publishers. Each Monograph consists of between one and five microfiche, costing £2.25 per silver halide microfiche and £1.75 per diazo microfiche. The minimum invoice charge is £10; orders for lesser amounts should be accompanied by cash remittance.

Latest Monographs

Published October 2014.

  1. Smith, Adam S. Benson, Roger B.J. 2014. Osteology of Rhomaleosaurus thorntoni (Sauropterygia: Rhomaleosauridae) from the Lower Jurassic (Toarcian) of Northamptonshire, England. Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society London: Pages 1–40; Plates 1–35 (Issue 642, part of Volume 168).
  2. Donovan, S.K. Fearnhead, F.E. 2014. The British Devonian Crinoidea. Part 1 - Introduction and Camerata. Part Part 1 - Introduction and Camerata.  Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society London: Pages 1–55; Plates 1–15 (Issue 643, part of Volume 168).

Other Publications

An Atlas of Graptolite Type Specimens This publication seeks to make graptolite species, new and old, better known by providing good annotated drawings of type specimens. The First Folio of 100 species, at a cost of £10.00 +p&p, can be ordered from the Marketing Manager.


How to Buy

Over 400 issues (single monographs or parts thereof) remain available for purchase as originals (back to 1901) or reprint editions (back to 1848). These can be obtained directly from our online shop or by writing to the Marketing Manager:


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Micro-edition Monographs can be obtained from:


Microform Academic Publishers
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