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Wright, C.W. & Kennedy, W.J. 1984. The Ammonoidea of the Lower Chalk. Part 1. Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society London: pp. 1-126, pls. 1-40 (Issue 567, part of Volume 137)

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Title: The Ammonoidea of the Lower Chalk.
Author(s): Wright, C.W. & Kennedy, W.J.
Issue: 567
Volume: 137
Part: 1
Year: 1984
Pagination: pp. 1-126, pls. 1-40
Bound Volume? No


Part 1 includes an account of the history of stratigraphic subdivision of the English Chalk as a whole plus an account of the occurrence and preservation of the ammonites within the sequence. A zonation of the Lower Chalk is proposed, and details given of all those British fossil localities cited in the systematic section. Systematic descriptions of the representatives of the Phyllocerataceae, Tetragonitaceae, Desmocerataceae, Hoplitaceae (excluding Schloenbachiidae) and some of the Acanthocerataceae including Brancoceratidae, Lyelliceratidae, Forbesiceratidae and part of the Acanthoceratidae (Mantelliceras of the Mantelliceratinae) are given.

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