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Simms, M.J. 1989. British Lower Jurassic crinoids Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society London: pp. 1-103, pls 1-15. (Issue 581, part of Volume 142)

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Title: British Lower Jurassic crinoids
Author(s): Simms, M.J.
Issue: 581
Volume: 142
Year: 1989
Pagination: pp. 1-103, pls 1-15.
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The crinoids of the British Lias are described, and intact material of most species is known. The fauna is dominated by the Isocrinida, with 20 species (3 new) in 7 genera (2 new); some isolated brachial plates attributed to the Paracomatulidae are described under open nomenclature. The Millericrinida are of restricted occurrence and diversity, with only 5 species (2 new) in 4 genera. A new late Triassic Seirocrinus (Isocrinida) species from the USSR is described, and other species not found in the British Lias are briefly discussed.

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