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Smith, A.B. & Wright, C.W. 2008. British Cretaceous echinoids. Part 8. Atelostomata, 2. Spatangoida (1) Part 8. Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society London: pp. 569-635, pls 183-209 (Issue 630, part of Volume 162)

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Title: British Cretaceous echinoids. Part 8. Atelostomata, 2. Spatangoida (1)
Author(s): Smith, A.B. & Wright, C.W.
Issue: 630
Volume: 162
Part: 8
Year: 2008
Pagination: pp. 569-635, pls 183-209
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This part provides descriptions for all British Cretaceous spatangoids other than those belonging to the family Micrasteridae. Twenty-three species belonging to the genera Toxaster, Heteraster, Miotoxaster, Pliotoxaster, Hemiaster, Bolbaster, Mecaster, Leymeriaster, Periaster and Epiaster are covered. A further five species are left in open nomenclature. Five of these genera (Miotoxaster, Pliotoxaster, Mecaster, Leymeriaster and Periaster) have not been recorded from Britain before. Four new species are described: Heteraster hemiheterus sp. nov., Pliotoxaster angustisulcus sp. nov., Hemiaster anisopetalus sp. nov. and Epiaster brevipetalus sp. nov. New plating diagrams are provided for most species.

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