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Smith, A.B. 2016. British Jurassic regular echinoids. Part 2 - Carinacea Part 2. Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society London: Pages 69–176; Plates 42–82. (Issue 646, part of Volume 170)

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Title: British Jurassic regular echinoids. Part 2 - Carinacea
Author(s): Smith, A.B.
Issue: 646
Volume: 170
Part: 2
Year: 2016
Pagination: Pages 69–176; Plates 42–82.
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Part 2 completes the description of the regular echinoids of the British Jurassic. Members of the orders Phymosomatoida, Salenioida, Stomopneustoida and Arbacioida are covered, with 25 genera and 44 species described in detail and one further species left in open nomenclature. Three new genera are erected (Cunidentechinus, Wrightechnus and Pseudomilnia) and two new species (Stomechinus phillipsii and Trochotiara aalensis). The stratigraphical distribution of the entire fauna of Jurassic regular echinoids is summarized.

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