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Membership Renewals

Information on renewing your Palaeontographical Society membership can be found below.

Membership Types (and 2018 subscription rates)

  • Individual person £35.00 (€80 or $100)
  • Bona fide student £17.50 (€40 or $50)
  • Individual Institution £135.00 (€200 or $250)
  • Institution subscribing through an agency £280 (€420 or $525)

All the above are considered a Member of the Society and receives the Annual Volume issued for the year to which the subscription relates.

Subscriptions are considered due on 1st January of each year.

Prices quoted are in UK Pounds Sterling (£), Euros (€) and US Dollars ($), and are correct as on the 24th April, 2018.


  • Members receive 50% discount on all in-print and reprinted publications.
  • Members receive 33% discount on micro-edition publications.

Renew as a Member

Please click one of the links below to be taken through our online membership renewal process, or alternatively click here to download a form to fill out and return by post.

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