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The Palaeontographical Society exists for the purpose of figuring and describing British fossils by publishing monographs. Information about how to join the Society and how to obtain its publications can be found on this site. Intending authors can also download information about submitting a manuscript.

The Palaeontographical Society

The Palaeontographical Society's logo features a specimen of Eteoderoceras obesum (Spath, 1925), from the Black Ven Marls, Raricostatum Zone, Densinodulum Subzone, Sinemurian, Lower Jurassic of Stonebarrow, Charmouth, Dorset. The specimen was collected by James Frederick Jackson (1894-1966), of Charmouth - it was featured on Plate 10, fig. 2a of one of our recent monographs (Edmunds 2009), and is held in the National Museum of Wales.

Edmunds, M. 2009. A revision of the Lower Jurassic ammonite genus Eoderoceras Spath and its immediate descendants and other relatives. Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society London: 1-89, pls 1-40 (Issue 633, part of Volume 163)

Marine Reptiles Conference
The Etches Collection : Museum of Jurassic Marine Life Kimmeridge, Dorset

Update due to coronavirus – January 2021

After much discussion, the committee has taken the decision to postpone the conference until May 2022, when we will stand a much better chance of delivering the physical, high end conference our delegates deserve. We apologise for the ongoing delay but feel you will no doubt understand the difficult position we are in.

The Palaeontographical Society are proud to be a sponsor of this meeting - more details can be found at the meeting's link above.
Members of our society can also access the online back catalogue of monographs, many of which concern marine reptiles - please login to our member's area to access these at the Taylor & Francis platform.

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Latest News

The Palaeontographical Society Medal Recipient for 2020 - Professor Jennifer (Jenny) Clack

The fourth award was to have been made at the Annual General Meeting in April 2020 to Professor Jennifer A. Clack (University of Cambridge). Most sadly, Jennifer passed away on March 26th, 2020, before she could receive the Palaeontographical Society Medal, although the Society had made Jennifer aware of the award before her untimely death. She was an outstanding scientist who will be sadly missed by her family, friends and work colleagues.

Palaeontographical Society Medal


New Palaeontographical Society Monographs

DONOVAN, S. K. & FEARNHEAD, F. E. 2021. The British Devonian Crinoidea. Part 2. Addendum to Part 1, Cladida, Disparida and columnals. Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society, London: 57–148, pls 16–29. (Publ. 658, part of Vol. 174 for 2020).

SLIPPER, I. J. 2019–2021. Ostracoda from the Turonian of south-east England. Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society, London: 1–168, pls 1–26. (Publ. 657, part of Vol. 174 for 2020).

KENNEDY, W. J. 2020. The Ammonoidea of the Upper Chalk. Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society, London: 1–232, pls 1–65. (Publ. 656, part of Vol. 174 for 2020).


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