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The Palaeontographical Society Monographs:

The Palaeontographical Society has been publishing monographs on the fossil faunas and floras of the British Isles since 1848. These now run to over 650 issues (single monographs or parts thereof) written by more than 100 authors. Each part describes and illustrates the fossil species of a major taxonomic group that are found in a particular time interval and/or region. 

Historically, the society has published and distributed these monographs itself, though recently a new partnership was established with Taylor & Francis, who have taken over their publication, distribution, and online hosting, and are working to digitise all back issues of the series so that they are available to active members.

Aims and Scope

Through its Monograph series, the Palaeontographical Society publishes taxonomic work on the fossil fauna and flora of Britain and Ireland. Large works are published as multiple part monographs.

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