Seeking Council Members

We’re currently seeking new members of council for the following positions:

  • Vice-President
  • Marketing Officer
  • Publicity Officer
  • Ordinary Member

This is an exciting opportunity to help guide the society to meet our goals and the needs of our members and the palaeontological community. Role descriptions for each position can be found below.

Contact our Secretary via the contact us page for more information, or to nominate yourself. The deadline for nominations in the 28th February 2023. Nominations must include a statement from the candidate that they are willing to be considered and why they are suited to the role.

Vice- President

There are two Vice-Presidents and they are often previous long-standing members of Council, for example former editors, or someone who has significant experience with another palaeontological organisation. The term of the Vice President is two years. Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Attending all Council meetings (typically 2 per year) and the AGM
  • Deputising for the President and Secretary if either are unavailable
  • Chairing and co-ordinating one of the prize committees, either for the Richard Owen or Edward Forbes award
  • Assisting the President and Secretary with setting the agenda for Council meetings and following up matters arising
  • Chairing working parties developed for special projects
  • Advising and assisting with the procedural governance of the Society
  • Assisting in writing any new procedures/processes for the Society
  • Advising on how to grow the Society and meet its charitable aims

Marketing Officer

The Marketing Officer oversees the marketing strategy for the Society. This role will likely involve about 5 hours per month (outside of meetings), with increased activity around the time of the AGM and Council meetings. Duties and responsibilities include:

• Attending all Council meetings (typically 2 per year) and the AGM
• Preparing and presenting a short report at these meetings on duties which have been carried out
• Liaising with Taylor and Francis
• Promoting the monograph series at appropriate events
• Working closely with the Publicity Officer on developing content for the PalSoc website and any events
• Developing a marketing strategy to raise the profile of the Society and increase membership
• Advising on any sponsorship applications the Society receives

The Marketing Officer will ideally have good communication skills, be friendly and approachable and have some experience of promoting events or similar sized organisations. They will need to be organised and manage their time to work towards deadlines.

Publicity Officer

The Publicity Officer’s goal is to help maintain the outward face of PalSoc, particularly online, making sure the membership and wider public know what the Society is doing and how they can become involved. The role is likely to involve around 5 hours per month (outside of meetings), with increased activity when PalSoc opens applications for their awards and funds (Nov-Feb), and around the AGM. Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Attending all PalSoc council meetings (typically 2 per year) and the AGM
  • Preparing a report for each council meeting on duties which have been carried out
  • Coordinating our social media group and helping run our social media channels, making decisions on content and messaging
  • Working closely with the rest of council to share PalSoc news, opportunities and events on social media, the website, and through mass media as appropriate
  • Creating content for social media and the website
  • Creating press releases and other external media content
  • Working with the Marketing Officer on events and other projects
  • Responding to enquiries made through social media

The Publicity Officer should have some experience running social media channels, and have skills in writing for the general public, ideally including science communication. They need to be organised and flexible in their working approach. Outside of council meetings, the role requires someone who can be responsive to news and events, and who keeps their finger on the pulse of the palaeontological community.

Ordinary Member

There are three Ordinary Members of council, who serve two year terms, and their role is very flexible. They attend council meetings and the AGM, providing input into the decisions being made, and help advise on new projects and how to grow PalSoc and meet its charitable aims.

Ordinary Members often volunteer to assist, or even lead projects being undertaken by PalSoc, and this can be anything from organising events, helping create online content for our website, or supporting other council members with their roles as appropriate. The number of hours therefore varies. Many council officers begin their time on council as Ordinary Members, it’s an exciting role that provides a lot of scope for input and creativity!