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Mary Morland (1797-1857) was a well-known scientific illustrator 🖌️ who married Oxford's first Reader in Geology, William Buckland (1784-1856), in 1825. This is her drawing of a Meglosaurus jaw, the first ever dinosaur 🦖 to be named & described by Buckland in 1824! 🎨🦕👩‍🎨

We are excited to announce the return of our Lapworth Lecture series!
Dr Emma Dunne, 30th May @emmadnn
Dr Jordan Bestwick, 6th June @JordanBestwick1
You can attend in person or virtually! ➡️
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Knoydart on Scotland's W. coast has rocks older than complex life! The bedrock mostly belongs to the Morar Group: sediments deposited in shallow seas >550 mya then metamorphosed (heated/squished). Recent glaciations carved the sea lochs, corries & other features we see today.


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