Seeking Council Members

We’re currently seeking new members of council for the following positions: Vice-President Marketing Officer Publicity Officer Ordinary Member This is an exciting opportunity to help

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Progressive Palaeontology 2022 Lincoln

Each year the Palaeontographical Society contributes funding towards Progressive Palaeontology (ProgPal), a student-led conference that for many prospective palaeontologists provides an essential transition from undergraduate

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The Rutland Ichthyosaur

Last year the Palaeontographical Society contributed funding towards the excavation of the largest ichthyosaur ever discovered in the UK. In this blog palaeontologist and lead

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Our Latest News

A brown bear skull 'found in the peat of Burwell fen', Cambridgeshire (Reynolds 1906). Dates to the Pleistocene, or 'ice ages', when multiple species lived in Britain & Ireland, incl. cave bears & polar bears. 🐻 Fossil: @SedgwickMuseum. #FossilFriday

For #FossilFriday, meet the ‘flying ichthyosaur’ at the @AlfredGillett.

This ichthyosaur is almost complete and is around 195 million years old. It was found in an old quarry in Street, Somerset. The forefins are particularly nice.

Cycles of creation & destruction govern the life of all rocks. As cliffs are battered by waves, fossils emerge after being hidden for eons to a new world. They are not immune to natures forces, re-entering the system to be recycled again. #FossilFriday #WhispersOfRock 🧵1/6

Small dorsal vertebrae from the #IsleofWight iguanodontian Sphenospondylus gracilis Lydekker, now a nomen dubium. From the Fox collection. I love the labels and handwriting on these Victorian ⁦@NHM_London⁩ specimens. Full of history. #FossilFriday

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