Richard Owen Research Fund – Previous Winners & Reports

Richard Owen Research Fund – Previous Winners & Reports


Dr Georgios Georgalis (Polish Academy of Sciences). The lizards and snakes from Hordle and other Eocene localities of the UK.

Prof. Paul Barrett (Natural History Museum, London). The Wealden ornithopod dinosaur Hypsilophodon foxii.



Mr C. Morrison (Natural History Museum, London), Palaeoneurology of Eustreptospondylus oxoniensis (Megalosauroidea, Theropoda) and the Palaeoecology of British Theropods

Ms K. van Grouw (University of Cambridge), Fossil Birds of the London Clay Formation



Dr J. W. Atkinson (Keighley, West Yorkshire). To firstly describe and taxonomical reassess the British Veneridae bivalves, and secondly to detect their long-term evolutionary response to environmental change.

Dr D. D. Cashmore (University of Portsmouth). ‘Forgotten’ footprints; understanding UK dinosaur macroecology.



Mr J. Benito Moreno (University of Bath). Unravelling modern bird origins: re-evaluating two obscure British fossil birds using computerised tomography.

Mr S. Penn (University of Portsmouth). The palaeontology of the Wealden Group of the Western Wessex Sub-basin, Dorset, England.

Dr E. Panciroli (University of Oxford) and Dr S. Walsh (National Museums Scotland). Identifying the mystery dinosaur footprint from Scotland.



Professor P. M. Barrett and Dr S. C. R. Maidment (Natural History Museum, London). Osteology and Interrelationships of Cumnoria prestwichii (Ornithishcia, Ornithipoda) from the Upper Jurassic of Oxfordshire, UK.



Ms M. Johnson (University of Edinburgh). Jurassic Telosauroidea.

Ms E. Martin-Silverstone (University of Bristol). Pterosaur remains from the Middle Jurassic of Skye, Scotland.

Mr T. Raven (Natural History Museum, London). British Jurassic and Cretaceous Thyreophora.



Fiona E. Fearnhead (The Natural History Museum, London). Devonian crinoids of the Plymouth area.

Claire Dobson (University of Oxford). Computer tomography of stem teleosts.



Stephen K. Donovan (Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden). Systematics of British Devonian crinoids in the collections of the British Geological Survey, Keyworth

Ms Elsa Panciroli (University of Edinburgh). Middle Jurassic mammals from Skye.



Fiona E. Fearnhead (Natural History Museum, London). The British Devonian Crinoidea, Part 2.

Davide Foffa (University of Edinburgh). Thalattosuchian crocodylomorphs from the Kimmeridge Clay Formation.

Hermione Beckett (University of Oxford). Morphological assessment of exceptionally preserved three-dimensional scombroid (tunas and kin) fossils from the London Clay of Britain.



D. J. Delbarre (University of Oxford). Anatomy and relationships of †Aulolepis (†Ctenothrissiformes: †Aulolepidae): implications for deep divergences within eurypterygian fishes.

J. Lehmann (University of Bremen). The Ammonoidea of the Lower Greensand – a revision of the British ammonite fauna (including a comparison with continental faunas).



J. Sassoon (University of Bristol). Description and phylogenetics of a new pliosaurid from Peterborough, UK and its implications for the taxonomy of “Pliosaurusandrewsi and other Oxford Clay pliosaurs



F. E. Fearnhead (The Natural History Museum, London). British Devonian Crinoidea.

B. Moon (University of Bristol). The British Late Jurassic Ichthyosaur Ophthalmosaurus.

M. O’Sullivan (University of Portsmouth). Pterosaurs in the British Jurassic.



D. Carpenter (University of Bristol). A Lower Carboniferous (Tournasian) fossil assemblage from Bute, Scotland: systematic palaeontology and palaeoecology.



Dr S. K. Donovan (University of Leiden). Systematics of British Silurian crinoids in the collections of the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Dr K. N. Page (University of Plymouth). A monograph of the ammonites of the British Lower Callovian (Middle Jurassic).

Dr M. Schemm-Gregory (Universidade de Coimbra), Revision of Devonian brachiopods from Devon.

Mr P. Winrow (Imperial College). Early lingulate brachiopods from the Comley Limestone, Cambrian of Shropshire.



Dr A. Butcher (University of Portsmouth): Palynomorph assemblages from the early Sheinwoodian (Wenlock, Silurian) of Wales and the Welsh Borderland.
Mr J. Lamsdell (University of Bristol): Redescription of eurypterids assigned to the genus
Drepanopterus from the Silurian strata of the Pentland Hills.
Mr A. Storey (University of Birmingham): Systematics of British upper Silurian trilobites.