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Did you know that the Jurassic rocks of Britain hold some of the most important fossil sea urchins (echinoids) for understanding the evolution of modern groups? These have been documented in exceptional detail in Smith’s 2015 Pal Soc Monograph! A thread for #Fossilfriday

Next Thursday. Gregg Webb's lecture on microenvironments in Modern and Ancient Reef Framework Construction. Don't miss out! Registration link:

Today's #MolluscMonday tweet is the bivalve shell Anomia ephippium. Found from the low intertidal and sublittoral (rare beyond 20m) on the south and west coasts of Britain, north to Shetland, and on all coasts of Ireland.

Our Council composition has changed in 2022! We welcome our new council members, including our new Secretary, @gsciencelady, VP Nigel Ainsworth, Editor Lucy McCobb, and ordinary members @Emma_Bernard, @michela_johnson & @echinerd!

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